Branding your company vehicles is today considered to be a very effective way of increasing your visibility. Our vehicle branding and wrapping solutions for fleet marketing as well as individual wraps use only the very best materials for longevity. We have rapidly become one of Malta’s leading vehicle wrapping service providers, providing the attention to detail that our customers demand, for the fleet to be easily identified by the public.

From matt black vinyl wraps and carbon fibre wraps for car enthusiasts to full colour customisation wraps for companies willing to brand their car fleet including vans, trailers or trucks. Our design team will also work in parallel with you to not only use vinyl decals, lettering or basic branding on the exterior of your vehicles but can also customise a full vehicle wrap, with exclusive design elements so that everyone can recognise your fleet. The state of the art printers and equipment we use at Logo Grafix will also ensure the best possible finish and durability of your wrap.

Vehicle wraps are essentially a versatile cost effective and extended form of mobile advertising that will promote your brand 24 hours a day. 

With our knowledge and experience we pick the materials that are best suited for your fleet graphic needs...

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